Musical Roster



Forming at the start of year 7, Soundwavez are still going strong to this day, creating uplifting songs inspired by the current charts and their life experiences. The band consists of five lead vocalists who all showcase their skills in each song they write.

Harmony Army

Urban/Pop vocal choir

Harmony Army is StudioFix's award winning choir, performing a range of original tunes and unique twists on popular hits, and built on collaboration. They recently performed their single 'Here I Am', a charity single to celebrate the Alzheimer's Society, at City Hall - and was chosen by Music For Youth to have the privilege to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2019!



DA15 are a R&B group specialising in catchy original material, with a mixture of melodic and rap vocals to soulful beats. They are known for their charismatic stage performances and incredibly catchy tunes, dominating venues such as Rich Mix.

The Locksmiths

Alternative rock

The Locksmiths - formerly known as 'Divine Madness' - are a group consisting of some of Hurstmere's finest rockers, with dystopian lyrics reminiscent of Muse and Chuck Berry and MCR-esque riffs and musical ideas creating a unique soundscape.

StudioFix is always open to working with new artists of all styles and abilities - if you'd like to get involved speak to Mr Ballard or Mr Gilbert in the music department.